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David Creedon is a photographer whose practice developed through the use of a 1963 Linhof Technika large format camera. While he now works in digital photography, he continues to use the methodology formed through that earlier practice.

A level of theatricality in Creedon’s photographs is achieved by his interest in certain lighting effects and in particular the atmospheric use of shadow and light influenced by the film noir genre. His approach to subject matter is one of methodical research which he records over a considerable period of time, and it is in the details, with the iconography of Catholicism for instance, that this atmospheric presence is so forcefully interpreted. Green Kitchen is an image from a series of works entitled Ghosts of the Faithful Departed, in which Creedon examines the desperate plight of Irish emigration from the early 1950s until the 1980s. Reminiscent of Dutch interior paintings, poignant expressive details in his photographs record a story within the work; here however, the darker side of life suffered through enforced emigration, abandonment, poverty and loss are seen quite clearly in the remnants of once domestic homes. The Green Kitchen is a photograph taken in a derelict house in West Cork which Creedon came across by accident.

David Creedon, born in Ireland in 1957, currently lives in Carrigaline, County Cork.
David Creedon 'Green Kitchen'
Green Kitchen

Photograph 51 x 76 cm Collection Mayo County Council Purchase, 2007